Nominations for open Council of Elders seat (Dec 9 through Dec 16, 2021)

Please nominate your fellow participants to take over the seat on the Council of Elders currently occupied by me, HB. Nominated participants must accept their nominations in this thread as well to be included in the poll that we will conduct on Numerbay.

Nominations will be open from Dec 9th through Dec 16th at midnight PST. Voting will last one week after the close of nominations.

Nominations updated Dec 13, 10am PST:

  • aventurine (accepted nomination)
  • bor (declined nomination)
  • ceunen
  • ia_ai_Joe (declined nomination)
  • joakim (declined nomination)
  • katsu1110 (declined nomination)
  • keno (declined nomination)
  • objectscience (declined nomination)
  • omnianalytics (declined nomination)
  • restrading (declined nomination)
  • uki1 (declined nomination)
  • wigglemuse (declined nomination)

To kick off nominations, I’d like to nominate (in alphabetical order):

  • aventurine
  • bor
  • ceunen
  • ia_ai_Joe
  • joakim
  • keno
  • omnianalytics
  • uki1
  • wigglemuse

As a lesson learned, when you accept you nomination, please include a rough estimate of the number of the average number of hours per week you’d like to spend on the CoE and also, on a good week, the maximum number of hours you might be able to dedicate if an opportunity for a large project arises.

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Thanks for the nomination, I still think CoE members should be paid something so it’s probably a pass for me, also I am not sure that the CoE has had any meaningful impact, at least measured by the NMR price which is in the gutter, the other things and projects it has supported/generated are indeed cool and beyond what they have been paid in NMR I appreciate the work put in.


I nominate katsu1110 @katsu1110 Appreciate his contribution on all those free codes sharing, which lead the new comers grow, especially in signal domain.


I would be honored to accept nomination to the CoE. You all probably know how active I am. I am pretty much logged onto rocket chat and monitor the forums throughout the day all day everyday. I am also very active on twitter to try and activate the community as I can with posts about Numerai, the CoE and special announcements sharing information as official news releases. I am also active outside the Numerai official circle actively participating in twitter spaces and write ups on NMR with the Index coops data index token that holds NMR as an underlying asset. Others outside of the Numerai circle regularly contact me though direct messages on rocket chat and twitter as well knowing that I also write the monthly newsletters for the CoE. They are usually looking for information on either NMR, the fund or the tournaments. I use these as great opportunities to help and drop as much information as possible on my own free time because of my passion for Numerai and its roadmap.

One thing is certain. I dont want to see the CoE slowly die off. Numerbay, providing liquidity on kashi, community reviews for small retroactive bounties, opensignals and the newsletters I feel have been some highlights of the CoE so far. I think the CoE can do so much more.

My one issue as stated above is I currently write the monthly CoE newsletters. I would guess if nominated and selected to take the role, I would need to transfer this paid duty so someone willing to take my place unless approved to continue which has been a hot topic for the CoE. I am willing to step down as the newsletter writer if selected and I would find a suitable replacement for my current duty.

Thank you @hb_scout for the nomination.


Only speaking for myself (obviously) I see zero conflict of interest with you being on the CoE AND doing the newsletter.


What are some relevant Numerai-related handles to follow on twtr?


I am again going to decline my nomination, but thank you. I’m too broke at this time to be putting more unpaid responsibilities on my plate. Is @objectscience open to being nominated? Seems like he does more council work than the council members already…


Pinging [@bor3 @bor1] (not sure which is bor) @ceunen @ia_ai [@joakim_arvidsson @iceshark] (not sure which is joakim) @katsu1110 @objectscience @theomniacs @uki to be sure they see their nominations and accept before Thursday. Thanks

Thanks, @wigglemuse. I have to pass for now. If a paid facilitator/project-management position ever opened up, I’d def seek consideration for that. Beyond that though, I’ve got to focus on finding full-time employment. I will of course jump in and assist where and when I’m able. I want to see the council grow and succeed as I think it benefits everyone involved in the project.

@wigglemuse , thanks for informing me. I’m going to decline this time. I would like to spend more time on modeling. I am sorry for my personal reasons, but I sincerely hope the COE will grow.


Thanks for the nomination (Joakim here). I’ll decline at this time. With two small kids at home and studying full time I’m completely flat out and wouldn’t be able to do it justice. I’ll tone down the criticism too. I appreciate it’s not an easy job. The current CoE has done a pretty good job in my opinion, but there’s always room for improvement. Thank you for your service!


Thanks for the nomination. More importantly, I would like to thank the elders for their continuous effort! As a result, we have witnessed the birth of Numerbay and the CoE Numerai newsletters - two truly amazing products as well as many other community contributions.

Unfortunately, I am going to pass this time as I don’t think I can do a good job. My main community contribution is definitely degen memes creation :gem:. Instead, I would like to nominate (and give my votes to):

I understand that there could be a slight conflict of interest. Yet, I think both @restrading and @aventurine have been building great products for the Numerai community wholeheartedly. They deserve to get nominated and to get paid for their hard work regardless.

Having thrown the ball to them, I will continue to maintain my daily scores collection/dashboard and post degen memes :v:.


I will decline the nomination due to conflict of interest and other practical reasons. Thanks for the nomination though :slight_smile:


I for one also think the degree of conflict of interest for @aventurine is much less than me who’s literally managing the platform for this election. They should be allowed to be on the poll.


Thanks for the nomination. Declining. Still spending most evenings fixing the new house :-). But I’ll subscribe to the CoE channel again to be a bit more involved.

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Thanks for the nomination, but I decline. I am not sure if the CoE is a community I can contribute to.

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I really appreciate the nomination, but I have to decline only because I wouldn’t be able to put in the time commitment required to really help make the CoE a success. I think I’ll be ready to serve on the next iteration of the council when that comes around next year.

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