Community Marketplace-Current "Off Platform" Prediction Sales-Links to models for sale(Gumroad Etc)

Wanted to start up forum post for people who are currently selling prediction files offline currently so we can get everything into one post for easy access when it gets to “Listing creation UI (Gumroad off platform)” onto the new Community Marketplace. Several people including myself have started to list on gumroad/other platforms to sell prediction files.

Here is my current webpage for my listings:

If you are a user who is also selling predictions on gumroad or other places, please list them here so when it comes time they can be integrated possibly down the road


Here is my model available for sale:

And here are my thoughts about “Community Marketplace-Current Off Platform”. The main issue now for prediction sellers and buyers is the lack of a summary dashboard about the available predictions and not the lack of platforms for selling the predictions. There are multiple ways to sell digital goods for both fiat (gumroad, paddle, etc.) and crypto. A new marketplace platform will require extensive work to deal with tax regulation (VAT for different countries and US states), payment workflows, fraud protection and security of the website which are all already resolved in existing solutions.
My proposal is simple and solves only the dashboard part. We can use some specific format for text added to the bio field of models available for sale: “mrkt;price_for_month;link_to_the_marketplace_of_your_choice;round_when_model_was_started;”, for example. And this text can be parsed by simple script using numerapi to get all available models with prices, while all additional info like ranks, NMR staked, etc can be configured in this script. This table can be generated weekly and placed somewhere on google drive or something like that.

Here is an example of the final table. I’ve generated this table only for ROUNDS 263+, because my model was started at round 263. So, DO NOT USE it to make decisions on which model you should buy :slight_smile: . Also, I know there are some extra people who are strong participants and are selling models like Arbitrage, Liz and Nyuton, but I just have no info about which models should be included here. Thus, again, DO NOT USE this table and make your own research on the best model which you can buy.



I sell predictions, currently privately. I supply predictions from Urza, Liz, and Emrakul to my clients, allowing them to choose what they will use.

From a prediction marketplace I’m most interested in a streamlined subscription service that could automate the process of collecting API keys for submission from future clients. I currently do not use my clients API keys, I share csv files.

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I decided to join the predictions selling game and put predictions up on gumroad: For now, only predictions for uuazed10 and uuazed12 (Numerai) are available, which are my highest ranked models. Based on interest, I might add the others as well.



NumerBay is now live! You can list your Gumroad products there with the product links, for free!

Your listing page would then display the relevant model stats and will have a BUY button that directs customers to your Gumroad product link.

Please vote for features you would want to see in the next release here: [Milestone & Vote] Release and Future Features

Alternatively you can post any issues or feature requests in the #numerbay channel on RocketChat.

Thanks for the support! :slight_smile:


Love it! Thanks for the great work!

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