[Community Release] Oracle Compute for Numerai predictions

Hi all, this is a follow-up on the Azure Compute I posted some time ago:

[[Community Release] Azure Compute for Numerai predictions](https://[Community Release] Azure Compute)

I was already working with Oracle cloud for some time now besides Azure, and I like the fact that the free tier gives you the option to configure 2 AMD compute engines and 1 Ampere compute engine for free 24x7! . At the moment I am now running my pipelines fully automated on an ubuntu install, I made some basic instructions on how to set everything up in the following repo including sample code:

This install still requires basic knowledge about ubuntu, ssh, tooling, cronjob etc and after listening to the fireside chat it is clear that short-term the team will only support AWS (but they do want other cloud providers). They are working on a simple solution for (daily/weekly) compute that they will release on a later time and should make AWS compute accessible for everyone, also if you dont have any infra knowledge. I will intend later this weekend to make a CoE proposal to do the same but then for non-AWS compute solutions and hopefully be able to build upon what the team is delivering together with my current solutions.

Anyway for now, hope you guys can use this and have some fun with it!