Crypto Numerai Tournament - Worth the time?

Why has no training data been provided? Are we really expected to bring our own data pipelines and features and just hand off predictions for more crypto in return? Good crypto features and pipelines cost money to run daily so wondering if numerai really believes the incentives are aligned here for participants to recieve some small NMR in return for doing all the portfolio construction work themselves.

In the overview it says Numerai will not be using these crypto signals so what is Numerai be getting from this? Reselling the signals?

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The structure is similar to Signals, so yes, participants need to build out a complete pipeline including data, and you’ll need to generate your own features etc. I think in terms of difficulty this will fall in-between the main tournament and Signals. The amount of crypto data available, as most of the companies are private, is primarily going to be price, so FE will be less daunting.

What is Numerai going to do with it? Hopefully the sell it. Anything that stabilizes revenue and keeps the lights on is a good thing. It’s possible they could do something similar with Signals. There may be funds and other institutional players interested in the wisdom of the crowd (a proven one at that) without a solid way of generating those insights. Again, whatever keeps the lights on and allows them to continue to figure this out.