Generic version of Numerai (non-trading challenges)?

Does anyone know if there exists a generic version of Numerai?

What I mean is a platform where, just like here, you can get paid as a data scientist for solving challenges, but where challenges are more broad and not just trading?

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You mean like kaggle competitions? Kaggle Competitions

Can you make money doing those the same way as on Numerai?

Also, is there anything crypto-native?

AFAIK, numerai is unique in this. You can monetize your AI through SingularityNET, which is decentralized market place for AI models. Never tried it though. is a start-up very similar to numerai. It’s less mature and isn’t on the same scale as numerai. But it is trying to carve a slightly different path and you can earn their native crypto by competing.

DYOR. I compete in both numerai and crunchdao