Daily Signals upload

Hi all!
There is a question for daily upload in Numerai Signals.

I am downloading last_universe from this [link]((https://numerai-signals-public-data.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/latest_universe.csv) and when I try to submit the prediction I get an error

But you can see that my submit file has all required columns.

I can submit a prediction when I download the universe from this [link] (https://numerai-signals-public-data.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/latest.csv) with validation samples and it’s a bit weird .

Tell me, please, how to do it right?

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I think bloomberg_ticker has to be the index, and you have to drop ‘Unnamed:0’ column before upload

I think adding a data_type column might resolve your issue. Alternatively, remove friday_date and the numeric index, keeping only bloomberg_ticker and signal.

See submissions:

  • “Submissions with only two columns are assumed to correspond to the current live time period.”
  • Submissions that include the validation time period must include two extra columns: friday_date and data_type

Guys, I have the same problem. And options that were defined above have not worked ((