ValueError uploading new daily predictions

using napi.upload_predictions() for predictions file uploading

file top:


“You must provide predictions for the current live IDs. Make sure you are using the latest live data.”

previous weekly uploading - ok.

Hey, can you provide some more context as to how you are generating predictions? If you’re using a live-only feature data file, then you should have no issues.

I have the same problem at first and fixed it by using live data:

napi.download_dataset(“numerai_live_data.parquet”, f"numerai_live_data_{current_round}.parquet")

I used 2-years python notebook for weekly tournament, long story short:

  • current 340 round
  • numerai_training_data.csv for model training
  • numerai_tournament_data.csv for predicting (full, with all test/validation/live data types)

I’ve tried also tournament.data_type == ‘live’ filtered dataset for predictions - same error.

When did you download the live data? The round today opened late, I received the round open mail at 13:26 UTC, so if you downloaded prior to that, you have the wrong file

after napi.check_new_round() returned true, about 13:02 UTC.

I’ve tried now reload data (after removing downloaded zip archive) - same error.

Hi. I had this same error.

numerai_tournament_data.csv is not updated for daily rounds.

You need to download v2 live data like this:

napi.download_dataset('v2/numerai_live_data.csv', f"live_{current_round}_v2.csv")

Yes, my bad

*V2, V3, V4 data files and signals universe will be available daily via the API but the legacy dataset zips will only be available for Saturday rounds and not the new weekday rounds.

Great Thanks!