Discord - the next chapter

Join the new community discord at Numerai

Our self-hosted RocketChat instance has served us well, but it is time for us to finally move on. With the high number of recent bugs and performance issues, we have spent way more time maintaining RocketChat than we want to. And the poor chat experience is quickly becoming one of the major pain points in our efforts to onboard new users.

In contrast, Discord is a more feature rich and robust piece of software - the native and mobile apps are great, search works well, and the product is constantly improving. It is also home to many of the largest communities like Midjourney and OpenAI, so we are confident the platform will scale well with us as the Numerai community grows.

What’s happening to RocketChat?

All of the public channels will be set to read-only mode. We plan on leaving our RocketChat instances up for another week before completely shutting it down.

We don’t plan on migrating any of the old conversations to Discord, but you are welcome to archive your own conversations if you want to.

If you have any in-flight support requests / dm’s, please re-open these in Discord.

A word from Richard on Discord


Okay, how do i get discord up and running?

Depends on your OS, if you have discord installed than it should be sufficient to click on the link in the post. The link will redirect you to the app.

its not happening for me. am i missing much on discord?

If you do signals, I would say yes :frowning:. People share a lot there.