Welcome to the Numerai forums

Numerai is a data science tournament that powers the Numerai hedge fund.

Who is this for?

These forums are meant for anyone participating in the Numerai data science tournament to discuss relevant topics and share information with the community.

When to use Rocketchat vs Forums

Rocketchat is great for realtime community chat, and good discussion on variety of topics happens there. However, the ephemeral nature of chat and infinite scroll does not lend itself to information sharing, research or self-directed learning. With the Forum, we hope to move all data science discourse into the Forum’s #data-science category to establish a searchable corpus of these valuable discussions that are currently limited to Rocketchat. The other benefit of the Forums is the ability for users to create long-form posts on data analysis, tips etc.

What else can they find here?

  • Tournament Announcements
  • Long form posts on data analysis, tips, tutorials
  • Miscellaneous topics

Logging into the Forum

This forum uses the Numerai Tournament as a single sign on (SSO) provider. To login into the forum, click theimage button in the top right navbar and you will be authenticated via SSO.
If you do not have a Tournament account, you can creation one here.

For users who manage multiple Tournament accounts, if you were logged into the Forum with the wrong account, you can logout via user profile menu - then re-authenticate with your primary Tournament account.

Account details (email, username, bio, profile picture)

All account profile information is synchronized via SSO. This means that changes in your Tournament account settings will be reflected on the forum. For this reason, you are —unable to modify theses fields on your Forum site.

Where can they read more (links, resources, etc)?