Feature sets: mappings and purpose of FNCv3

In the features.json file that comes in the V4 data we have the following feature set sizes:

  • small: 38
  • medium: 472
  • v2_equivalent_features: 304
  • v3_equivalent_features: 1050
  • fncv3_features: 420

Does anyone know the mapping between the 304 V2 features and the original 310 legacy features?

A further question: what is the purpose of the FNCv3 features? I’ve looked for documentation on this but cannot find it.

Maybe this can help for the first part of your question


Thanks, great research there

Adding a link to the original FNC announcement post for those who are wondering what FNC is about: Feature Neutral Correlation Added to the Tournament Site

Original forum post of Feature Exposure by jrb: Model Diagnostics: Feature Exposure