Free NMR credit lost when moving stake

Hi, is there a way to recover free “credit” NMR after cancelling the staking transaction?

I received 1 free NMR credit recently and staked it on one of my models. I later changed my mind and wanted to move the stake to a different model and canceled the staking transaction, expecting to free the token, but it disappeared instead. Is this intended behavior or is it still possible for me to find it somewhere?

Thank you

I noticed that if you have a pending regular stake change on any of your models the credit disappears from all models. If you cancel the pending change then the option for the credit (with the blue text) comes back. I already reported this bug to the team and they’re looking into it.
So if you have pending stake change(s), cancel it then the credit should come back and you can apply it and after that you can do the regular stake change again. If this doesn’t help then you can ask the team in the #support chat for quicker help.


thank you, that was it

I also realize lost 0.1 and don’t know how to recover it.