How to use the stake credits?

What are stake credits? How do I use them? I’ve checked the docs didn’t find anything.

Can you elaborate? What do you mean by stake credits? If you mean that 0.1 NMR, which you get after first model submission, then anything should appear in your account Wallet
Once you have it in wallet, you can stake it to the model
image at Staking page of your account as described in Docs: Staking - Numerai Tournament

Stupid question - I guess this is your model: Numerai
How comes you are active since 2017 + you have 189% all time return and don’t know what staking/ stake credits are?
I’m just curious :nerd_face:

I left the competition after severe fall in prices of crypto tokens in 2021. Joined again few months back. Looking to actively participate and stake. I know how staking works. If you see the picture below, my wallet balance shows 0.00 NMR and staking credits are above 5. So, How do I convert staking credits to wallet balance?

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You just stake them as if they were, they should be available to apply if you go to “manage stake” for a model.

Ok, Just checked the manage stake form, it does show. Thank for the help.