Frequency of target releases?

At what frequency are the newest targets released/revealed? Weekly? Monthly? Randomly?

I noticed that in last week’s validation file the most recent era with labeled targets was 1027. This week (338) the most recent era with labeled targets is also 1027. I would have expected a rolling weekly release of the newest labels.

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Mostly weekly with skipped weeks sometimes (after which you’ll get a week with 2 new ones from what I’ve observed). For whatever reason, I guess they aren’t always ready for the data release…

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Okay, that’s reassuring. So I can expect to consistently have labeled data beginning from 6 weeks back?

Seems like it. I’m only interested in the eras with all targets (8 more weeks to get the 60day targets, most recent available is era #1019) which have been coming out mostly-weekly with an occasional skip followed by a double, so I assume that is also the case for the 20day targets.

oh good point I didn’t even think about the 60d targets!