Hosted Development Environment

Is anyone using a hosted environment (Colab, etc.) for their models? I am using the default Colab with 12GB of memory and it is a pain.

try out Kaggle notebooks

I will check that out. I think it has the same memory footprint as Google Colab.

Colab works great! We just need to optimize the code (this does take a lot of time).

My primary problem was limited amount of memory but I managed to get everything done under 3.0 GB.

I can get everything loaded from the files to my processed data frames. But, after that I can’t release the memory. I have to restart the session and then load the data frames with int16 columns and I am good the rest of the way

1 Like This is the notebook that @surajp linked in rocket chat. Should give you a P100 and more RAM/Storage

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Wow, this is really cool. Did some digging in the raw notebook, and it looks like adding

"machine_shape": "hm"

does the magic. Sure enough, found a tutorial on how you can do it with your own notebooks. Handy if you’ve already got some existing notebooks you want to add this feature to.

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