Where do you train your models (if not Google Colab)

As I’m starting to work with the larger datasets, my Google Colab functions are taking hours to run and thus disconnecting me in between when I leave my laptop.

Is there another tool out there that can run a jupyter notebook in the background? What are you using?


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I am using and recommend Kaggle. Not only that you can run for free jupyter notebooks with 4 CPUs and 30GB RAM (max 12 hours run each, 5 notebooks in parallel), but thanks to Kaggle API you can fully automatize your pipeline. On top, there is great community and possibility to learn more from competitions.

I have created a few public notebooks and datasets to simplify first steps for Numerai Tournament participants:


Thank you! I’ll review this!!!

Thank you! Also a new user exploring ways to train models (turns out my ~10 year old gaming rig can’t handle much past the “small” feature set)

Also using kaggle.com. Highly convenient option

I train it on my local computer and use a batch script to submit dailly.