How Do I Stake. Newbie Needs Help!

I’m new to this. I’ve never staked before. Can some please give me the Second and for Dummies course on how to stake my NUM??? I have 200 in my wallet now

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Hello Nola,

If you have Numeraire already in a wallet

Go across to Account → Model → two overlapping circle button OO = Manage stake

You can then select that

There will be two tabs, Change Amount and Change Type, they are self explanatory, change type lets you change whether you want to stake on CORR or stake on MMC or stake on 2x or 1/2 MMC etc.

For other newbies if you don’t have numeraire then you need to buy some from Coinbase and transfer it to your wallet. The address will be found in Account → Wallet

More advanced users may be interested in @ml_is_lyf post about staking

Hope that’s useful