How do medals work?


Didn’t find anything in the docs/forum, so asking here: how do medals work?

  1. Are those payout multipliers? For example, if someone hits 0.1 TC, do they get paid for 1.8 TC for being historically top 15% now? (within the limit of max profit/loss cap of course)

  2. Are the values we see in the payout column of the tables before the payout multiplier or after?

  3. I see different models have different multipliers: is this a cumulative reward multiplier without expiration?
    If someone gets, let’s say, 100x TC and then they get -0.1 TC for 1 bad or several bad rounds in a row, does this mean “bye-bye” to lots of money and tough recovery?
    Is it configurable?

  4. Do they stack? I.e. if it says 22x top 1% and 15x top 5% and 18x top 15% - what is it, 22+15+18x TC multiplier? If not, how does that work?

  5. I guess MMC multiplier is just for historical reasons and is useless now, right?

They are not multipliers at all. Medals have no purpose other than as bragging rights. The numbers are simply counts, i.e. this model has gotten 22 gold medals (all-time, historically) for 1% TC, 1 gold for CORR, and 5 golds for MMC. That’s it. (Corr & MMC medals are no longer given, but the ones you had before aren’t taken away – only TC medals are given now.)


Damn. :cry: That would be a good way to reward people for getting to the top of the leaderboard and encourage competition among the top models.

We used to have leaderboard bonuses, but now we just have medals! (And we got some NFTs which maybe will have some purpose at some point.) On the one hand, bonuses do distort the system – makes it asymmetrical and therefore attackable. (One of the big reasons they got rid of them.) As we have gotten more and more users, it gives them somewhat less flexibility for that sort of thing. But people like them. Numerbay is kind of a bonus now – anybody at the very top can sell some predictions pretty easily and make some extra, but the dropoff factor if you aren’t at the very top is very steep.

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