How I get help If I'm not visible?

For any help you send me here, but no one see my SOS

I would like to create the compute setup again from scratch after first account already done, and the system with 403 error did not allowed me to finish.

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You’ll get faster help over on rocketchat in the #compute channel

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first account is done with all 10 models? Or are you trying to set up compute for a second model? I am a little confused.

Would you be able to prep the youtube tutorial for the next step - how to create one account for 10 models, please?

OK. Let me just clear it with the team that I’ll be making a second account with the sole purpose of demonstrating how to set up multiple models. I already have 10, and making more is a rules violation :slight_smile:

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@arbitrage Could you start submitting the nomi example model on it, while you’re at it? Also, perhaps name it disintegration_test :slight_smile: