Announcing general availability of multi-model account support for all users

Numerai is pleased to announce the general availability of multi-model account support for all users.

With this release, users can quickly add (or absorb) up to 10 models to a primary account and easily manage submissions and stakes on a consolidated models management page

Multi-model account support does have some important implications that users need to understand before enabling - especially for compute/API users - so it is disabled by default. To enable it, visit the the new Models management page and click the Enable-Multi-Model-Support button.

If you are a compute/API users ensure you have the latest releases and have updated your code to pass model_ids which can be found on the Models management page.

Numerai compute users should also be sure to checkout a new python3-multimodel example.

If you have any questions, feedback or need support, jump in the #multi-model-support room on Rocketchat.

Finally, a shoutout and special thanks to all of our beta testers for providing great feedback and bug reports during testing phase.:vulcan_salute: