How to write a CoE proposal

Hi Everyone,
Although we don’t want the CoE to get too mired in bureaucracy (and turn it into a politburo as someone termed it on slido), I think it makes sense to have some rudimentary structure to proposals. I’m riffing this off of the idea of one-pager specs, which is quite common in the tech industry.

I suggest that every proposal should be a forum post tagged under the Council of Elders tag (as this post is), with the title prefixed with "[Proposal]: " (sans the double quotes, of course).

The body of the proposal should include the following sections, at the very least:

  1. Proposal // A summary of the project you're proposing and who is going to be working on it
  2. Timeline // When could you start working on the project, if approved; And how long would it take?
  3. Best case outcome // What does success look like?
  4. Worst case outcome // What could go wrong? The more thought that goes into this, the better.
  5. Success criteria // How can the success of this project be objectively measured and evaluated?
  6. Funding required, if any.

Also, every member of the community might potentially be voting and commenting on your proposal. So, it might make sense to spend a bit of extra time on crafting a compelling proposal.

This is a very rough outline of what I think a proposal should look like. I’m certain that this could be significantly improved upon. Let’s iterate on it in this thread.


I think this format is pretty good. It is centered from the perspective of someone who is asking to be given coins, which could be adapted I think, as proposals could be about council efforts, and so on.