[Closed] Current Project Management Topics

This week I’m going to flesh out an initial stab at CoE and Community project management. The goal here is to keep everyone up to date on what has been addressed, what hasn’t, and who is involved. It will also make it easy for both sides to see what has fallen through the cracks.

Based on Slyfox’s input, we’ll initially use Google Docs to get things started. If that turns into a bottleneck later we’ll look for a better solution.

I think our initial categories would be:

  1. Proposals
  2. Operations
  3. Legal
  4. Taxes

If you can think of additional categories or sub-categories, please touch base in the thread.
Ultimately I see this becoming the property of the Facilitator or whoever ends up in charge. This will just get the ball rolling and allow everyone to hit the ground running.

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Great initiative! I don’t see why you need a paid facilitator to maintain a spreadsheet though. Just set up a roster of a weekly rotating chair with backup. Each week whoever is in the chair is responsible for:

  1. Collect agenda items from members
  2. Update the project spreadsheet / Trello / whatever
  3. Chair meeting
  4. Update community on any meeting outcome.
  5. Handover to next week’s chair.

Keep meeting short and stick to agenda. Only discuss AOB at the end if there’s time, otherwise table for next weeks agenda.

I think Uuazed has landed on an app that is going to make it easier for them to manage proposal flow and keep status communication high. So this one is probably getting put to bed for the time being.

CoE will be tracking proposals on CoE proposals · GitHub
This will keep all processes transparent and communication high.
Appreciate the CoE’s efforts to get this knocked out this fast.