I need help with everything

Where do I begin ? What is the plan ? What can i do?

Take a look at Arbitrage’s walkthrough, I think its a really good place to start

Also, make sure to read the docs


The videos on the Numerai channels are also really helpful


Thank you … im about to take a look now. Im so lost

Step 1: get your hands on the data. Download it from NumerAI’s site and explore. Familiarize yourself with the structure because it’s important that you understand what your code is gonna do to the data.

Step 2: choose your language. Are you familiar with a coding language? Python is probably most popular but others might use R or some other data science environment.

Step 3: just run the example model that NumerAI provides. It’s a sucky model but it shows you how to process the data and gives you a general path to follow.

Step 4: develop your own model. You can use standard techniques like random forest or neural nets, or you can come up with your own hybrid technique! Whatever you think will predict the live targets the best.

Step 5: buy NMR and start staking! Once you think you’re ready for the real deal, place a bet on your predictions and compete! Participate in the forum and continue improving your model!


Thank you so much. Im too excited !! Im researching and studying now. Check on me 2mrrw because I have questions … I appreciate you . Im gonna get this