I am new and want to build my first model

Hey hi team , i am new here and i want to build my first model can someone please help and also may i know how to invest my own money in numerai

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Following the steps on this page is the best way to start :slight_smile: Wish you all the best!

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Hey thanks and i am really a software engineer , pretty new to data science , can you please help ?

Hey, I am not sure if I am capable of teaching you data science. But if you search for it online, there are plenty of free resources to get started.

I would suggest you have a look at the examples provided in the link that I shared above; since you are an SE, it would be easy for you to understand it. Afterward, you can learn DS and use that knowledge to develop your models in parallel.

Make sure to join the discord space, it’s a great community to learn and ask for support when you need it.

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i started learning from deeplearning.ai by enrolling their course era courses actually … the good part is that i was able to apply linear regression model on the numerai data … what would be the profit prediction rate by using the regression model only ? will they stake this model or does it looks pretty basic ?

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Some people had great success with a heavy regularized linear regression but that was a year ago I think. Now, I am unsure how much you can squeeze out of it. Also, it’s impossible to say, you should make your own validation.

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The Numerai team also has no way of really knowing what model you used to predict. They don’t stake models, you do, so if you are very confident your model will perform well, whether to stake or not is your decision. Learning about ‘Hypothesis Testing’ is what you likely need on top of machine learning to be able to start to make such a decision, but decision making in general is hard.

thanks but if i go into negative profits should i pay the loss to numerai ?

You should read the official documentation about the project. What happens when you stake is explained here.

When you stake a model you are transferring NMR from your Numerai wallet to their wallet, if you earn one of two things will happen, depending on how you have it configured: either your stake on the model will grow and you stake this (higher) amount on the next open round, or the profits will return to your wallet.

If you do not earn on the round (because you did poorly) you will “burn,” this means some of your stake is sent to a wallet no one has access to, which is equivalent to setting it on fire (burning). Numerai does not benefit from this action directly; although there can be discussion about long term scarcity of the token with respect to it’s price, that’s beyond the scope of a single round.