Impact of submitting identical predictions on MMC

Hi, I am unclear whether MMC is calculated based on users or based on each model. My question is: if I have several models (under one user) and I upload identical predictions to those models is the MMC for each of the model lower than in case I would upload the prediction only to one model?

Identical models on different slots will get same MMC (& TC). The total amount staked between them can affect the score, but not so you’d actually notice unless you are major whale.

Thank you for the response. I understand that the same models in different slots will have the same MMC but what I am not sure whether I am getting lower MMC in those models compared to the situation where I would have only one slot with the model. So what I try to compare is variant A: one slot with model X with stake e.g. 100; and variant B: 5 slots with model X each with stake 20. Would MMC for model X be the same in variant A and variant B? Or MMC in variant A would be higher?

BTW note that staking on MMC will be unavailable soon

Exact same all around. Yes, MMC is going away in less than a month, but the same principle applies to TC – the total stake on the model is what matters (and that really only matters if the stake is huge), doesn’t matter how many slots you are splitting it over.

If we were to give away my predictions which have consistently mid-range TC, would multiple stakers submitting to multiple models with the same preds affect the group of stakers or just each individual staker? sorry if that sounds a basic question, i haven’t quite got to grips with TC…

It would affect everybody with same preds. If 100 slots each submitted same preds with each staking 1 NMR they’d all get the same TC. Alternatively, if instead only 1 slot using those preds was submitted and that slot staked 100 NMR it would get that same TC. Total amount staked on the preds on that round is what matters. (This is just the same as MMC in that regard.) It is true that in theory, the more stakes you add could make TC go down. BUT, unless we’re talking about truly enormous stakes, the penalty to TC of adding more stakes on a set of preds will be trivially small and essentially unnoticeable (the general noisiness of the results is of much greater magnitude).