Issues with chat, links and other questions ))


I’ve probably found some errors (or misprinted things) in the materials for newbies.

I’ve been trying to report administration about this using rocket chat as was recommended in the Bounties chapter docs. But I can’t register in the chat system because it didn’t send the confirmation link (spam folder checked, waited enough, tried several times).

So I will post it here:

  1. At this colab notebook for newbies is mentioned “prediction_kazutsugi”: “# predictions must have an id column and a prediction_kazutsugi column”.
    But If I am correct now it was changed to ‘prediction’ or something else!? To be honest, I am still trying to find the requirements for the predictions file. )

  2. This link ( doesn’t work! It was given in this tutorial (A comprehensive guide to competing at Numerai | by kaname sato | Feb, 2021 | Medium).

  3. Also I can’t found the way how to back to the main site ( after using the forum, because it opens forum’s page in a new tab every time, so I need to switch between tabs. Does that make sense?

Thank you.


Was also going to post a suggestion for a way to get back to the main site. A way is needed to get to forum top level, and currently both the logo and NUMERAI achieve this. A change could be to link the logo to the main site, link NUMERAI to the forum as it is now, and perhaps use a small superscript forum badge after NUMERAI to distinguish it from the main site and to reinforce that clicking would be to the forum. The general navigation concept would be that the logo always takes you to the main site, whereas NUMERAI plus a badge takes you to the top level of whatever the badge relates to, such as NUMERAI signals, NUMERAI forum etc.