Model ranked low....predictions CSV comparison?

I submitted a model and was ranked very low; I see a lot of other people that have tied at that rank so I’m wondering if there’s a fundamental problem with the submitted predictions CSV.

Can someone in a higher rank share one of their older predictions CSV files? Or is there an example I can look at on the Numerai site?

you can download the example predictions and compare. the corresponding model is

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Can you clarify what you are talking about? Your leaderboard rank is cumulative over 20 rounds, so when someone submits for the first time they will always have a horrible rank because it takes time to build it up. (Even if you are doing awesome on the round you submitted.)

I was wondering if my predictions CSV had errors in it that would cause low rankings but what you said makes sense, it’ll build up rank over time.

Though I did discover issues when comparing my predictions CSV to the example predictions; my submission has far less precision (0.25 instead of 0.2499 for example).

Yeah, you should avoid ties in your predictions as much as possible, i.e. try to have all unique values. (Even though there are only 5 target values because of the way we are scored it is best not to have ties.) So more precision is good – go for that.


Awesome, looks like I had an issue within my machine learning code and was copying over the wrong column.

Looks like this now :smiley:


Just submitted to make sure it validates and it looks good.

Thanks for the help!

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