Rank or not to rank the predictions?

While the example script ranks the predictions and also states that it is a requirement , the official numerai documentation doesn’t rank the predictions but it doesn’t event document the format. So I now wonder what is the official submission format. Any idea?The ranking doesn’t affect the corr but I don’t know about TC.

They rank your predictions after submission, so it does not matter if you do it or not.

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Ranking isn’t required. Also, if you do rank, do it on a per-era basis. The only requirement is that the predictions are in [0, 1). The comment above the line you’d linked to, from the example script indirectly explains it. The intent of the line you cite in the example model, isn’t to rank, but to perform MinMax scaling in a one liner.


Thanks both @restrading and @jrb. I hope @restrading is right though, otherwise the official documentation would be providing a wrong example.