Motivations / incentives for participating in (daily) tournament

Hey fellow Numerati :wave:

Since daily tournament was announced, I’m kinda questioning my motivations for contributing to Numerai. I came to the tournament about 2 years ago out of curiosity and to develop some skills / play with the data. I’ve been staking for 18 months and doing well, but on pure time:money ratio, it’s a few orders of magnitude off of other income streams.

Now that I’m considering the daily tournaments, I’m wondering what my main motivation is :thinking:

I’m curious to hear from all of you about:

  • what attracted you to start submitting
  • what’s kept you going
  • what (if anything) is motivating you to jump into the daily tournament.



Continue facing challenges, learn from experts and solve them make me feel excited.

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It’s fun and once you have a tested model it’s easy to fully automate it. Just setup compute. It’s no effort to keep participating even if I work on an other project.

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