New Data Source: IEX Cloud (free-ish)

Decided to give Signals a try and follow the current De-Fi hype… APY APY APY. So the idea is very simple: what is the annual percentage yield for a stock, based on its price and dividends?

I found a nice endpoint on IEX Cloud’s API: The fields amount and frequency, combined with the daily price, being all we need.

IEX Cloud is free-ish, meaning there is a free account but it’s limited in endpoints and calls per month. However, they also provide a sandbox mode which you can call as much as you want. Some data in sandbox mode is obfuscated but not all. Also, a subscription for $9/month (~0.15NMR?!) is not the end of the world.

Anyway there’s two Python wrappers for the API: and

I was able to create a proof of concept for this APY signal and decided to open source it as an example script. Liam was actually so crazy to accept it into the official repo!

Curious to hear if other Numeratis have experience with IEX Cloud. I am also very open to comments and feedback on the signal itself, so far the results for this rough version are not bad:


I was digging into yahoo finance this week and I believe they have all the data you speak of. They are also free. They have a python library, which I like. Thanks for sharing.

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