NMR and Tournaments

Hello! I’m new here and made an account just today.
From what I’ve seen yet, seems like Numerai Signals and Numerai Tournaments are the two distinct ways for people to take part in this. Are there any more that I’ve missed ?
I’m also not sure I exactly understand the working of the NMR system for both competitions and signals. Like how do I start getting NMR as a beginner given that my current balance is shown as 0 NMR ?
Also, for tournaments, seems like there is an AWS option for uploading the model and getting predictions from it and also another one for simply uploading the predictions without the model. So how does the NMR system and the evaluation of predictions essentially differentiate or compare between the AWS model option and other one with just CSV uploads of predictions ?

Hello and welcome!

To answer some of your questions:

There is no difference in evaluation, the AMS option simply automates submission so you don’t have to manually download and prepare your submissions each week.

You need to buy NMR (for example, from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase) and transfer it to your NMR wallet.

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I’m new too and bought my first NMR a couple of weeks back. One thing to note which caught me off guard is the fee to move your NMR from the exchange to your NMR wallet on numer.ai is fairly high if you’re moving small amounts of money. From what I understand this is the miner fee, which you have to pay for miners to verify your transaction of moving the coin from one wallet to another. When I moved some last weekend the fee was 0.08282576 NMR. But a few weekends back I moved some and it was 0.16280249 NMR. From what I understand the fee is a flat rate, so does not depend on the amount you’re moving, but if there is high demand when you try to move it the fee is higher than usual. So if fees are high when you try to move it, wait a bit and try again, and try to move larger amounts of NMR infrequently rather than smaller amounts of NMR frequently.

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