Notebook for Data Viz and Analysis on the Leaderboard

Hi everybody,

I wrote a notebook to query the leaderboard and do a bunch of analysis on it. I wanted to figure out what successful users were doing and what % of users were successful.

Check out the notebook here:Notebook on Leaderboard Analysis and Viz.

Here are some of my results:

You can copy the notebook and customize it to see other relationships in real time.


Hi friend, great job, I added some improvements to the graph and add

import pandas.util.testing as tm

saved changes to this repository on github

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Just wondering - I see four colours in the graph but only three in the legend.

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The alpha =.5 in the create_histogram() method is the opacity of each of the colors in the legend. The dark purple at the bottom is the where all of the colors overlap. There is probably a cleaner way to visualize this but I am not sure what it is.

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Ah, cool. That’s why. Thanks.