Payments dashboard including currencies

Hey folks, I’ve made a dashboard showing payouts by round with a few popular currencies. You can select model(s), currency and a date range. Any feedback much appreciated. Currently supports classic tournament only.

Note: this is currently running on a free Heroku plan so may take a few seconds to load.


Thanks! This is great for tracking payouts in fiat currencies. FYI, the ‘Download CSV’ button doesn’t download the data for the model I’m currently viewing though.

@by256 thanks for the feedback, can you let me know the model, currency and date range so I can try to reproduce?

by1024, GBP, 26/10/21 → 31/03/22

Thanks, I think this an issue with using limited resources on free Heroku. I’ve disabled downloads for the time being.

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Great work on this! How long did this take to build? Maybe I can take this back to the CoE for a possible retro bounty if interested?

Thank you, it took 2 days. Yes, happy to be considered for a retro bounty :+1:

Are you able to break it down into hours working on it?

5 hours yesterday, 5 today, so 10 total.

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The issue with CSV downloading has been fixed and re-enabled.
Coming soon: Support for signals models.

Renamed to Numerai Earnings so as not to cause confusion with the existing payouts app.


Please DM me on rocketchat a wallet address. Retro bounty will be queued up :man_dancing:

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Signals models now added on
Any issues with using this dashboard, please let me know.

The link in your initial post doesn’t work anymore :slight_smile:

New location at

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