Prediction Stake Experiment: Subscribing to predictions

I have automated the process to save the predictions for my model ps99 and upload it to

This is my highest staked model. The reason for subscription is higher NFT gas fees. So Gumroad seems an alternative for the same, the minimum subscription period is 1 month (the minimum gumroad allows). I’ll be posting my predictions with diagnostics dashboard for transparency.

Along with tournament predictions, another subscription also offers training predictions. So you can now tune your models according to this, or neutralize them against this.

the price shown is for 1 month subscription = 4 rounds.


  • You can lose 25% of your stakes by staking on an unknown model.

Some use cases:

  • Submit before deadline w/o stake
  • Stake some amount, to see how it goes.
  • Neutralize against it
  • Ensemble with other predictions

Will be running this experiment for a month. Please contact me if you have any queries

Edit: Submission for R261 already uploaded and unlockable