[Proposal] Bounty for high quality data science posts

  • Problem: Data science posts are scarce, because people are protecting their ideas
  • Proposal: Monthly bounty for the highest rated data science posts to incentivize sharing
  • Details: On a predefined schedule, the CoE will pay bounty for the best data science posts. “Like” count is a straightforward metric, but better recommendations are welcome.
  • Timeline: This could happen every month
  • Best-case outcome: The community receives a large number of high-quality data science posts and discussions, and the metamodel improves as a result
  • Worst-case outcome: People hide their ideas. People go for Like hunting.
  • Funding: 10 NMR / month

At Kaggle I saw a good deal of discussions on various data science topics. Most of them were specific enough to spark the idea and others can try it out, but generic enough so that others can’t copy it easily.

I understand that people are afraid of sharing ideas, because they want to protect their MMC.
However sharing generic ideas and methods do help others and improve the metamodel, while others are not going be able to copy the exact same code.
I’ve already shared many of my idea, and keep sharing. I would like to encourage others to share as well.


Would love to see more quality sharing. However the metric (like count) can easily be manipulated. It may not be a big problem if it is not the only metric. One suggestion would be to have CoE reviews / rating / filter in addition to the raw like count.

Manual review by one member of the CoE would be best. But obviously it takes time.
Like count + a quick validity check would be something in the middle.


Bumping it up!
Did this proposal got any attention from CoE?