Research Repository

Every now and then someone will stumble across a really good piece of research and then drop a link to it in chat. The issue is, it’s easy to miss and any newer participant will likely never see it. If we drop those links into a more permanent location it will allow a broader group to find them over time. Maybe the really good stuff can be curated into a more permanent list and placed out on the CoE Github. I’ll let @uuazed chime in on that. For now, if you found something you think will be a net positive to the meta-model in either competition, drop it here. This also lends itself to further R&D for CoE proposals and RFP’s, so don’t be scared to add it to the Thinktank thread.


I’ve created an awesome-numerai repository on github to create a curated list of numerai resources: GitHub - uuazed/awesome-numerai: A curated list of awesome numerai libraries, tutorials and other resources.. The idea is to transfer this to the CoE org on github once it’s a bit more complete.

Contributions are obviously welcome!


Bro, this is big news! Going in the newsletter my friend


I think that’s an amazing idea.

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