[Proposal]: Extreme Makeover /r/numerai Edition

Good day,

The CoE is now elected and a general opinion of the members seems to be to solidify NMR’s position as one of the most promising DeFi projects and aim to take it into the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

The goal of this proposal is bifold, to improve introduction of new users to the tournaments and to improve the first impression for a potential participant and/or investor.


Numerai’s website is top notch, informative and does contain most information one would need. But a company’s own website, especially in crypto will never answer the question “is this legit?”. For that people google, and Reddit will likely come up.

Right now it doesn’t efficiently accomplish the objective of engaging more people with the tournament and at best the first impression is neutral. Compared to similar market cap projects:

  • Activity is low (as we use forum and Rocket Chat)
  • There is some unrelated token marketing on first page
  • Sticky post is outdated, referring people to a broken link and referencing to an other inactive sub /r/nmrtrader


  1. Makeover
    Remove spam, fix links, update sticky posts, one to refer people to rocket chat, an other to refer new users to: New Users - Numerai Tournament

  2. Maintenance - possibly financed by CoE funds
    Post link to historical Firesides, OHwAs and maybe even a round closure in form of (Round 259 ended, average earn/burn x%, xxx NMR staked, 3 month average return on stake x%)
    Automoderator writing “join the conversation on rocket chat” under every post

  3. #reddit - channel on rocket chat
    A channel similar to announcements, with update whenever things are posted on reddit, maybe some people will like, comment.

Let’s discuss these points as well as if you have other ideas on how /r/numerai could be improved to better introduce people to Numerai!


Getting into contact with Numerai/NJ to get more information about the reddit and thoughts about its future. Moved to pending status in the Github board. Will update soon

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