[Vote] Elders Voting (Election #4)

The poll is open! https://numerbay.ai/vote/coe2023

Select 1 or 2 of the four candidates. We are looking for two new elders to replace arbitrage and themicon.

gbrecht (bigbertha)

I got hooked on numer.ai through a referal and it has been my source for hands-on data science experience ever since. If elected into the CoE I would try to foster the discussion between the team and the community on the strategic direction by either moderating (as the CoE) or funding research/writeups.

ia_ai_Joe (ia_ai)

In the past few years,
- I have organized five Numerai meetups globally, fostering community engagement and knowledge exchange.
- I have developed an informative and user-friendly dashboard, empowering Numerai participants with essential tools and insights for model improvement.
- I have (hopefully) enhanced people’s Numerai experience with some relatable memes.

Regardless of the election results, I will continue to work on the community events and tools.
If elected as an elder, I will promote improved communication between the Numerai team and the community through proactive inquiries for clarity.

studym8 (Peter)

I joined the tournament in early 2020, and have since hosted and attended a couple local meetups here in Toronto, Canada. I have also previously made some Numerai youtube content, and am currently working on a Numerai glossary. If elected, my focus would be on community engagement and tools/resources, as I believe that should ultimately be the purpose of the CoE. I believe reinstating the CoE newsletter, bi-weekly X spaces, and continuing to incentivize data-science effort posts through bounties would be a few specific areas I’d start with.


If you are involved in this community, you probably already have an opinion about me and whether I’m
the sort of presence you’d like to see on the COE striving for the betterment of Numerai and Numerai
participants (and the relationship between them). Use your best judgment!

Please vote at https://numerbay.ai/vote/coe2023

All votes must come from active Numerai participants and votes are blind and log-weighted by stake size. Results are blind until poll closes. The poll will close at on Nov 13, 2023

Voting how-to:

  • install metamask,
  • create an account on numerbay with metamask
  • login numerbay
  • create an api key in numer.ai / settings/ create api key with permission to view the account.
  • go to account settings numerbay, and copy the public and private key into the field.
  • https://numerbay.ai/vote/coe2023
  • select two candidates and click “vote”
  • feel good and have a sandwich.

Don’t forget to vote at https://numerbay.ai/vote/coe2023