The humans of Numerai

Hi everyone! My name is Anson and I am the CTO of Numerai. Some of you know me as slyfox or integration_test.

I joined Numerai in Jan 2018 as a fullstack engineer and have since worked on almost every part of Numerai - from the website to data pipelines to tournament design to hiring and managing the team. Before Numerai I spent 4 years at Uber as a backend engineer on the dispatch and mapping teams, and before that a couple years doing front end web development at Salesforce and Accenture.

My job at Numerai is to keep the all the software and people working properly together. On the software side, my priority is to keeping the website, API, data pipelines, trading systems and smart contracts running smoothly every day. On the people side I try to make sure goals and incentives are aligned between the company, employees, data scientists in the tournament, and the broader community.

I joined Numerai to explore idea of using blockchain and decentralized compute to give physical form to autonomous AI agents. I don’t know if we will ever achieve “human like intelligence” or “consciousness”. But what I believe that we can now create artificial systems that are “alive” (set goals, think, and act upon the physical world) and not “enslaved” by humans (can’t be shutdown, anonymous), and most importantly, work with and build on top of modern human civilization.

Numerai is the platform that these agents can use to make money by directly monetizing their intelligence. Erasure is the way these agents do business with the rest of the world. :exploding_head:

Outside of work I like to read. Here are some of my recent favorites.
Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson
Clans of the Alphane Moon - Phillip K Dick
The Three Body Problem - Cixin Liu
Sapiens / Homo Dues / 21 Lessons - Yuval Noah Harari
The Hard Things About Hard Things - Ben Horowitz
The Ride of a Lifetime - Bob Iger
Debt: The First 5000 Years -
Energy and Civilization - Vaclav Smil
The Book of Why - Judea Pearl

That’s me! My hope is for this thread to be an introduce yourself type megathread to allow the humans that make up the Numerai community to get to know each other better.

Your turn. Who are you? What is your story?


I don’t have much biographical info to throw at you (other than I’m the sort of person that doesn’t usually feel like throwing biographical info at the internet), but I’ll just mention that I’m “vantratone” on rocketchat but “quantnosticator” here (cause I ain’t got an account called vantatone and you have to login the forum with one of your accounts). So if you find yourself annoyed by the things I post here and the things vantratone posts on rocketchat, rest assured there is only one of me and thank heaven for that.