Using old model that is using v2 features for daily not possible (SOLVED)

I have model that is depending on v2 features (count = 311) and would like to use it for daily tournament.

As far as i see that is not possible? since new live data for daily tournament is only for v3 and v4.

Am i missing something?
Model is kamikaza29 and is currently very good in TC, it would be a shame that i cant use it :confused:

You can use API to download V2 live for prediction.

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I am running V2, V3 and V4 models on both weekly and daily with no problems. That is, I am using my own prediction pipelines for this, but yes the numerapi library and/or directly API still support V2 for dailies. As for the compute light solution, I think at the moment the current release doesn’t support this, I did manage to also get it working with compute light but only after ‘hacking’ the files.

Ahhh tnx for pointing me in right direction… i was using old legacy method to get dataset…
numerapi.NumerAPI().download_current_dataset() …

now that i looked at api docs i found that i need to use:
numerapi.NumerAPI().download_dataset(‘v2/numerai_live_data.parquet’, dest_path)

this also helped… that i saw all avaible files…

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