Daily submission error

Good morning,
I got this error today (tried twice) although I am using the latest data as show in the image attached.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Based on similar errors that several people reported over the last few weeks in relation with daily rounds, you are probably not using the correct function for downloading the live data:

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Thank you @kayeffnumeraitor
Why then Numerai told everyone that there is no change needed.
Also, what you saying seems to apply the new massive dataset. How about legacy data?

@ihab Yes, this is for v2 (legacy) as well. I had this same problem and as you said, this change “broke” the legacy pipeline for daily submissions. However, I would say it is a good change as it is much more efficient for everyone to only download the live data instead of the whole tournament file.

numerai_tournament_data.csv only gets updated weekly so download v2 numerai_live_data.parquet instead:

from numerapi import NumerAPI
napi = NumerAPI()
napi.download_dataset("v2/numerai_live_data.parquet", "numerai_live_data.parquet")

Same issue even when I used v2.

Any help is greatly appreciated. thank you.