Nominations for open Council of Elders seat (June 21 through June 28, 2022)

Please nominate your fellow participants to take over the seat on the Council of Elders currently occupied by me, @jrai. Nominated participants must accept their nominations in this thread as well to be included in the poll that we will conduct on Numerbay.

Nominations will be open from June 21st through June 28th at midnight EST. Voting will last one week after the close of nominations.

Current nominations and responses (last updated 6/27/22 @ 645pm EST):

  • bor1 [accepted] :slightly_smiling_face:
  • wigglemuse [declined]
  • yxbot (yifan) [accepted] :slightly_smiling_face:
  • jefferythewind [accepted] :slightly_smiling_face:
  • dev0n [declined]
  • degerhan [declined]
  • theomniacs (omnianalytics) [declined]
  • restrading [declined]
  • ia_ai (ai joe) [declined]
  • malding (studym8) [declined]
  • greyone [declined]
  • qeintelligence [declined]
  • perfect_fit (Carlo) [declined]
  • of_s [declined]

I’d like to nominate (in no particular order):

@yxbot (yifan)
@theomniacs (omnianalytics)
@ia_ai (ai joe)
@malding (studym8)


I accept the nomination. Life has quieted down enough to make that possible. Have no particular plan outlined right now what I would bring to the council, but many people would have an idea of my opinions on from my chatroom activity.

If I see an opportunity to prod more people into sharing what they do for TC, I will prod :-).


I’d like to nominate (in this order):



Would like to nominate (no particular order):

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Hi all, thanks for the nomination - it really means a lot that whatever I shared in the forum and RocketChat are somehow appreciated.

regarding the nomination, I need sometime to think through it - had a long day and can’ think straight at the moment. For now, just want to say thanks for the recognition. I will edit this post tomorrow when I come around to give a proper response

Lastly, I just want to also nominate the following (whose name hasn’t come up above):

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Sorry but I need to reject the nomination due to personal circumstances and conflict of interests.

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ok, after some thinking, I would like to confirm that I will accept the nomination, so that at least you guys get to vote on something :grinning:

Some info about myself, my background is more pure DS/ML with professional exp. in aerospace - see my Kaggle profile here. I have my own small DS consultancy so I have full control of my time, but it can get crazily busy. The whole Web3/DAO thing is new to me but I am increasingly involved in various projects in this space - I like the general openness and transparency, but also fearful of all the scams/fallouts

Some thoughts on Numerai

  • The Numerai team is awesome, and the project is as sound as it gets in the Defi space
  • The upcoming challenge is enormous in terms of getting more institution investor onboard, but I am convinced that they are bringing the right people on board, and going this the right way - even though this by no means guarantee success
  • I would like Numerai to be even more transparent to the community, be more proactively in seeking community input on tournament development, and within reason share with us how the company is doing.

Some thoughts on CoE

  • Great success in the first year :smiley: - especially sponsoring and facilitating the development of Numerbay - huge kudo to @restrading obviously
  • Personally I would like to see CoE doing more to promote Numerai in the ML/DS community - the meetup being organised by @ia_ai is a great example, however I think there are more we can do content-wise to entice more people to join - The crypto crash is not a blocking point, the crypto crash creates a huge opportunity for people to get in, if we can communicate and educate accordingly that is :slight_smile:

that is all for now, i will be around this space and the chat - see you around :v:


Thank you for the kind nomination, I respectfully decline. I am loving the list of names so far – it will be very difficult to decide how to cast my vote if even a few of the nominees become candidates.

Thank you for the nomination. I have to respectfully decline again due to some conflicts of interest at work. Rest assured, I will continue to contribute in different ways and promote Numerai via meetups and memes :wink:

In addition to all the nominees mentioned above, I would like to nominate @perfect_fit (Carlo) as he is continuously contributing to the community with his work on NumerBlox.


I have to say, i’m certainly honored to see my name appear up here.

Thank you for the nomination. I respectfully decline. Such a great community and challenging endeavor. I will continue to contribute however I can.

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Thanks for the nomination, I will decline though. And we’ve got a couple of heavyweights to vote for already this time.


Thank you for the nomination :slight_smile: For now I will decline this, and use the usually sparse time I have to hopefully deliver some value in the form of dashboards/compute solutions and what else comes to mind :smiley:


Hi, I’d like to nominate @of_s

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Thank you for the nomination @ia_ai! Though I also have to respectfully decline. Building out CrowdCent is currently taking up all my time and would like to be able to fully focus on it. Will of course stay involved with the Numerai community and maintaining NumerBlox.

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Thanks for the nomination @jrai !

I have to decline as I am also severely time constrained.

Appreciate the nomination but also going to pass on this one based on who already accepted and I’ve been a bit inactive lately

I’m in. Thank you @jrai, @olivepossum, and @perfect_fit for the nominations. I had the pleasure to meet most of the people whose names appear up here at Numercon, and I’m sure that anyone mentioned up here would be a great choice for the council. I don’t want to make a mistake name dropping here, so just know that I appreciate you all very much. has been an amazing project. Hats off to Richard who has had the vision to set all of this up and keep it going. This is kinda what I like doing so it never really feels too much like work. I think there are a lot of ways the community could keep growing and expanding. I’ve personally been inspired by a lot of the creative ideas I’m seeing on the platform.

As far as concrete things I can do. I’m interested in system design, math and data science. I’m in academia and I think it is easy to make contact with other smart/talented people in this space. Exploring these things within my current ecosystem could be very interesting.


Give us a little bit more time and we may be ready to hop on the council. As of right not though, we humbly pass on the opportunity.