What it upload the submission many times

I am a newbee here, can anyone answer my questions?

  1. what if upload the submission.csv many times? overwrite everytime, cause that’s what i want
  2. are we only have one tournament here? using the api to download the tournament data,and uplaod, cause I haven’t seen other tournaments around~~

thanks for your time

There is a rule there. If you submit a model before the deadline that allows it to be stake-eligible (deadline is Monday morningish), then you can’t change that submission after that (because you still could stake on it before Thursday). However, late submissions (after Monday morning) you can update all week until the next round starts because they can’t be staked. But you’ve got 15 slots/models to work with now, so you don’t have to overwrite your submission if you want to upload a different one or check stats or whatever. (And if you have an existing stake on the model you uploaded on the weekend but don’t want to stake on it now, you have until Thursday morningish to adjust or withdraw your stake.)

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thanks very much for your answer!