When are weekday rounds actually open for submissions?

The tournament overview page says weekday tournaments should open at UTC 13:00 and close in 1 hour, but it doesn’t seem like that was the case yesterday or today. It’s 13:08 and trying to download the latest tournament data returns the error ERROR numerapi.base_api: Current round not open for submissions. Yesterday (Thursday, Dec 1) it seemed like it was open until 14:50 UTC. Have the submission/round times changed for weekday tournaments?

Facing same issue. The daily round open now based upon email trigger, not fixed schedule.

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Unfortunately, the numerai docs are misleading and should make it clear that the daily rounds opens no earlier than UTC 13:00. The round opens when the Numerai data vendors submitted their data and Numerai itself has finished the data preprocessing. If any of them are late for whatever reason, the round opens later.

This leaves you with 4 options:

  • Keep polling for a new round after 13:00 UTC and start your prediction pipeline once it is open (Currently there seems to be a bug with the round open check function though)
  • Use Numerai Compute (gets triggered via webhook)
  • Find your own way to trigger your prediction pipeline via the webhook
  • Submit only weekly predictions which are easily schedulable

Will numerai provide round start listener API?

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I’m not sure what you mean by “listener api”. What you can do is to select one of your models on the model overview page, select “compute” and enter your desired webhook address. Whenever a new round starts, Numerai will send a JSON similar to the following:

    "roundNumber": 368,
    "dataVersion": 1,
    "triggerId": "01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-4567890abcde"

Any one tried to connect this message with any messaging tool, like telegram or WhatsApp?

That’s an interesting idea @autratec – haven’t tried it but this looks promising: Webhooks works better with IFTTT + https://ifttt.com/telegram (looks like ifttt free tier should be sufficient).

hi, thanks for the positive response. i am still trying to connect dot. some further thoughts, will be:

  1. create a chatbot in telegram. and get token.
  2. setup a url with token and message and setup in Numerai compute

every time, when numerai call that url for new round submission, i will get a new message from my chatbot under telegram.

And here are some new thoughts of using IFTTT and webhook:

Using trigger from IFTTT based on webhooks from numerai, and connect with telegram message.

More sharing from chatGPT:

i have done some setup with IFTTT and looks work well between Numerai and Telegram. Here are the steps:

  1. apply telgram account.
  2. apply IFTTT account. using free service tier with 5 connections.
  3. using object - webhook: If received and web request with JSON payload. Then send Telegram message
  4. Received url below: https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/EVENTNAME/with/key/TOKENID
  5. setup url in model/compute

test it and working fine. now after the message being received from numerai in telegram, i can manually click the notebook running, which is better than before.

If you are doing this just to get notified so that you can upload manually then you could have just waited for the numerai round open mail though.

I don’t proactively check email. Messaging tool is more real time. Might explore API trigger notebook execution as next step.

@kayeffnumeraitor thanks for sharing. I was looking for the webhook API details so that I can configure a webhook server on my machine, but I couldn’t find the documentation. Do you know if there is one? Or did you find out about the API call by checking on your registered webhook machine how the data passed by numerai?

Back then I was also looking for documentation, but havent found one and in the end I don’t actually care what is sent in the JSON file, I just want to reliably be informed when a new round opened.

I followed the same steps regarding IFTTT that @autratec mentioned

The action I registered on IFTTT is “send me an email” with the JSON payload attached. The JSON I posted above is one of these mails with an obfuscated triggerId (don’t know if this Id is sensitive or not).

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hi all, i have creates a telegram channel to publish and receive notification of daily submission.

Dude this chatgpt is great and works like charm

Does this work nicely?

As I am not doing it, I can’t tell, but, as always with api requests, they eventually will fail (network overload, server error, internet connection lost, etc… ), so you should implement a try / except / retry mechanism around it if you want it to be robust.

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Yes, it does. There’s a useful example in Python if you need it, at this post: