Server Errors on Friday

I am getting nothing but server errors today (Friday), when trying to download data with ‘numerapi’.

The competitions opened about half an hour late. That happens once in a while. If that was your problem, just put a loop in your script to check if the round is open, if not, wait 5 or 10 minutes and try again.

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I have that already but after half an hour of failed attempts I thought the problem was perhaps in my script, so I turned the check off. My fault, I guess.

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Other things to check when there’s a problem like this:

  • The Tournament or Signals web page. If there’s no submission panel showing, then it usually means there’s a problem on the Numerai end.
  • The support channel on the Chat. Numerai generally puts up notices there about what’s wrong and how long before it’ll be working again pretty quickly after a failure. See @pshork’s comment there at 13:08 UTC.

On the bright side, they do say the round will always be open for a full hour, regardless of when it starts.

Piece of code I have added to my script on Friday (while waiting for round openning):

from numerapi import NumerAPI
from time import sleep
from datetime import datetime

napi = NumerAPI(public_id="your_public_id", secret_key="your_secret_key")

# wait until current round is open and get current_round number
current_round = 0
while current_round == 0:
    print("Waiting for openning of current round at",
        if napi.check_round_open():
            current_round = napi.get_current_round() 

As I do not use Python, I have a Bash script:

# Sets up cron checks for new numerai rounds TUE-FRI, from 13:05 UTC.
# Local timezone is taken care of, as long as it is not sub-hourly.
# Activate only once, verify with crontab -l, deactivate with crontab -r
# Make sure that your computer and internet connection are on at the target time

# days of the week to be checking for new tournaments - no spaces!
# hours in UTC to be checking from
# at MINS minutes intervals after the initial attempt at $HRS:01
# name of bash script here that downloads live data, generates predictions and uploads them
# full path/name of fully installed numerapi CLI (python) script
# name of log file here 

############ no need to change anything below ###################

# physical path/name of this script
SCRIPT=$(realpath $0)
# PREDICT script must be in the same directory as this script: $PD
PD=$(dirname $SCRIPT)
# crontab expects by default local time, so convert from UTC
LHRS=`date -d "$HRS UTC" +%H`
DAYS=`date -d "$HRS next $FIRSTDAY UTC" +%w`-`date -d "$HRS next $LASTDAY UTC" +%w`

# no argument given means first time manual startup to initiate crontab
# thereafter this script is invoked by cron with dummy argument 'r' to do actual processing
[ $1 ] || {
    printf "1 $LHRS * * $DAYS $SCRIPT r >> $PD/$LOG\n" | crontab - && { 
        printf "$0: `date` crontab initiated:\n`crontab -l`\n" | tee -a $PD/$LOG
        exit 0
    } || {
        printf "$0: `date` crontab initiation failed!\n" | tee -a $PD/$LOG
        exit 2

# Invoked by cron at the specified time 13:01 UTC
while [ `"$NAPI" check-new-round --hours 1` != '1' ]; do 
    printf "$0: `date -u`: tournament has not yet started\n" 
    sleep "$MINS"m #sleep till tournament opens
# new tournament has started within the last hour, so download, predict, upload 
printf "$0: `date -u`: new tournament has started!\n" 
printf "$0: running $PD/$PREDICT\n" 
printf "$0: All done for today!\n" 
exit 0
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