Kaggle Numerati: Yet Another Numerai Dashboard

Thanks to @ia_ai and @numerologist we have two great apps to compare our results and models. I have become frequent user of both Shiny Numerati and YAND, but then I struggled with the first step of usage: model or user selection (YAND). Moreover, my interest was relatively stable and I needed to select the same set of models/accounts over and over again. So, I have decided to build my own dashboard in Kaggle notebook and make it public.


Thanks to plotly it sports nice interactive charts like this:

and being public Kaggle notebook you can take it, select your own accounts or models, schedule daily execution and you will always have your own dashboard ready at hand.

It still lacks breadth of Shiny Numerati metrics and payout analysis, but hey its open source, so if you have idea how to improve it, go for it!