Why this error occurring even though I am using id's from example prediction file

{“ok”: false, “code”: “invalid_submission_ids”, “message”: “ids must match ids in tournament data exactly, including ordering”}

Including the top header? Are you just trying to submit the examples or you’ve replaced the predictions or what?

Top header was just fine. I just replaced the prediction numbers with new one. Anyway this seems to be a bug , Just submitted new prediction this week with same script and it just worked fine.

Same issue here with my submission today using ids from numerai_tournament_data.csv. Tried both the API and manual Upload. Still same outcome.

I’ve only had that happen 2 ways that I can remember.

  1. Submitting predictions on an old tournament_data.csv file
  2. Shuffling the output data relative to the input data, in the past at least, order seemed to matter.

The easiest double-check is to take the example predictions (from the correct week, of course) and look for any structural differences between your output file and that file.

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Thanks for the response. I figured it out. I forgot to add validation data before submitting. Thanks again