A Step Towards Account Level Staking: Staking Slots and Prediction Slots

Idea & Definition

Model slots are split in two kinds: Staking Slots and Prediction Slots.
Prediction Slots cannot be staked on. Users can upload predictions to prediction slots. Metrics will be calculated for predictions slots.
Staking Slots can be staked on. Staking slots cannot receive predictions. A Staking slot can be linked to a prediction slot. The staking slot will use the predictions from the linked prediction slot. Metrics will be calculated for staking slots


Increased Complexity - It is another concept that needs to be understood, explained etc.
UI Effort - The UI needs to incorporate a way to set the slot type and link prediction slots to stake slots.
No complete fix for stake management, the problem of a stake being locked up until round resultion still persists.


Fast prediction switching between models. Users can already achieve this by implementing basically the same thing. A user does not need to wait to stake on different predictions, just use the UI to switch to a different prediction slot
Relaxing computation schedule as the predictions of the prediction slots are not relevant to the trading pipeline, those metrics can be calculated off the critical path
More features can be realized on the numerai side and be made available to the users per staking slot: Ensembling of multiple prediction slots, post prediction neutralization
Gather more data As now there is no need to switch models of prediction nodes any more, numerai and users can gather data on prediction node performance and also on staking node links