The simple, obvious way staking should work (in my humble, correct opinion)

When I stake 10 NMR on round 261, it’s staked only on how well my round 261 prediction correlates to the round 261 live outcomes, over the course of round 261’s four weeks. And then, whatever the balance is falls back into my wallet automatically.

When round 262 comes around: how many NMR I stake on a round 262 prediction, if any, is completely independent of my staking decisions in earlier rounds. And how that round 262 stake grows or shrinks will depend only on that prediction’s correlation to round 262’s live outcomes over four weeks.

And so on, and so forth. At any moment, I could have up to four stakes in play. Or eight stakes, if we’re allowed to independently choose how much to stake on the meta-model thing.

This is the intuitively obvious way to do it. I’ll wait, while you put it into effect.

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It was like that, once. They wanted to encourage consistent staking, and went too far the other way. Essentially, they just stopped working on staking after implementing “overlapping let all of it ride every week” style staking, which of course is madness from a risk-control perspective.

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They’re tuning us, like we tune our models


With multiple slots, you can actually achieve that simple staking pattern now simply by submitting on a slot once, but then not the following weeks, i.e. submit it on week #1 on slot #1, then on week #2 on slot #2, etc – no overlapping. (If you wanted it to go to wallet at the end of round rather than just sitting there to be re-staked again, ask for a withdrawal on that slot as soon as you get the first score on a round.)

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I haven’t heard of these “slots”, wigglemuse. Is that the same as “models” (more than one per account) ?
If I could stake in the ‘canonical’ way, it’d be worth a bit of trouble to do so.

Your dog picture, and your level of helpfulness, reminds of an earlier frequent contributor. Does anyone else not realize, it’s snowing?

Yeah, model slots (each would have a different model name). Of course you if you want to stake 10 NMR per round, then you need 40 NMR to do it on different slots – so that’s the advantage of the overlapping if you just want to bet as much as you have all the time.