Basic. So basic it hurts

Richard and Lex got me so excited about this tournament, I forgot that I don’t know how to program… yet. I’ve got a few books now and saved some videos. I’m a little past hello world. I really like looking at graphs and making s@*# up though. I’ve graphed your training and tournament data. I know it represents a stock but it doesn’t appear to be the price. The way all five fits interact is very familiar. Very familiar. If I’m looking at the raw data and wiggle the scroll bar back and forth, that looks very familiar as well, just moving horizontally instead of vertically. Am I allowed to know what I am looking at?

There’s a whole lot of topics and I’m a slow reader. Can anyone point me to some basic (and relevant to to the task) scripts that I can play with as I learn python?

Since I couldn’t get past the first test, I just went and bought a token. Pretty excited I was able to get in at 42$

This guy obviously didn’t look at the overview.

That’s why he’s basic.

Download the docs, there is an example python script in there.

And if you just eyeball the data it’s all going to look like noise, and that’s the challenge. Removing irrelevant variables and fitting your model properly is the art of data science. That part is up to you!

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udemy is a great place to start

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