[Community Input] CoE Number of Members v.2

Correlator has proposed we revisit the number of members in the CoE as we continue to push towards decentralization.
If 15+ becomes the majority vote, we’ll restructure the poll.

  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  • 15
  • 15+

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The poll will close on August 15th. Feel free to ask questions and comment below.

Is the question here just “how many people have voting control in the CoE wallet?” Because I think we also need more formal roles and responsiblities assigned to new participants, beyond just the people with some voting power over the finances. 7 seems like a reasonable number of “board memebers” to get consensus on a proposed project to fund, but 7 volunteers is not sufficient to create a full organization. An actual governing organization needs many more contributing members with defined roles.

My understanding from talking with Correlator is, this is primarily a voting thing. To continue to improve decentralization of decision making. Formal roles deeper in the structure can be a stand alone request. I just need to dig deeper to understand the different structures and what makes sense at this early stage. I’m sure the CoE will adopt a lot of nuance as it matures.

I completely forgot this was still “open”, sorry about that. I’ve closed the poll, results support leaving the existing CoE number at seven for now. I’m sure at some point we’ll need to revisit this and the CoE will probably(?) grow beyond that. I also see this as a vote of confidence in the current CoE to drive all of this forward.

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